M. Meinert, M. Geisler, J. Schmalhorst, U. Heinzmann, E. Arenholz, W. Hetaba, M. Stöger-Pollach, A. Hütten, G. Reiss:
"Experimental realization of a semiconducting full-Heusler compound: Fe2TiSi";
Physical Review B, 90 (2014), S. 085127.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Single-phase films of the full-Heusler compound Fe2TiSi have been prepared by magnetron sputtering. The compound is found to be a semiconductor with a gap of 0.4 eV. The electrical resistivity has a logarithmic temperature dependence up to room temperature due to Kondo scattering of a dilute free electron gas off superparamagnetic impurities. The origin of the electron gas is extrinsic due to residual off-stoichiometry. Density functional theory calculations of the electronic structure are in excellent agreement with electron energy loss, optical, and x-ray absorption experiments. Fe2TiSi may find applications as a thermoelectric material.

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