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S. Schwarz, M. Rupp:
"Predictive Quantization on the Stiefel Manifold";
IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 22 (2015), 2; 234 - 238.

English abstract:
In this letter, we consider time-varying complex-valued $n \times m$ matrices ${\bf H}[k]$ ($m \leq n$) and proposea predictive quantizer for the eigenvectors of the Gramian ${\bf H}[k]{\bf H}{[k]^{\rm H}}$, whichoperates on the associated compact Stiefel manifold. The proposed quantizerexploits the temporal correlation of the source signal to provide high-fidelityrepresentations with significantly reduced quantization codebook size comparedto memoryless schemes. We apply the quantizer to channel state informationquantization for limited feedback based multi-user MIMO, employing regularizedblock-diagonalization precoding. We demonstrate significant rate gains comparedto block-diagonalization precoding using Grassmannian predictive feedback.

Adaptive quantization, Grassmann manifold, limited feedback, multi-user MIMO, Stiefel manifold

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