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C. Dorn, P. Waibel, S. Dustdar:
"Architecture-Centric Design of Complex Message-Based Service Systems";
Talk: 12th International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing, ICSOC 2014, Paris, France; 2014-11-03 - 2014-11-06; in: "Service-Oriented Computing, 12th International Conference, ICSOC 2014, Proceedings", X. Franch, A. Ghose, G. Lewis, S. Bhiri (ed.); Springer Berlin Heidelberg, LNCS 8831 (2014), ISBN: 978-3-662-45390-2; 184 - 198.

English abstract:
Complex, message-based service systems discourage central execution control, require extremely loose coupling, have to cope with unpredictable availability of individual (composite) services, and may experience a dynamically changing number of service instances. At the topmost level, the architecture of such a complex system often follows a messaging style most naturally. A major problem during the design of these systems is achieving an overall consistent configuration (i.e, ensuring intended message routing across producers, consumers, and brokers). While orchestration or choreography-based approaches support the design of individual composite services along a workflow-centric paradigm, they are an awkward fit for specifying a message-centric architecture. In this paper, we present an architecture-centric approach to designing complex service systems. Specifically we propose modeling the system´s high-level architecture with an architecture description language (ADL). The ADL captures the message-centric configuration which subsequently allows for consistency checking. An architecture-to-configuration transformation ensures that the individual deployed services follow the architecture without having to rely on a central coordinator at runtime. Utilizing our provided tool support, we demonstrate the successful application of our methodology on a real world service system.

Decentralized Composite Services, Architecture Description Language, Consistency Checking, Message-based Style.

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