Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

B. Steiner:
"Structure-aware shape manipulation";
Supervisor: P. Musialski; Institut für Computergraphik und Algorithmen, 2014.

English abstract:
In computer graphics one of the most expensive fields is content creation. While today the rendering part is highly sophisticated and automated, 3d modeling is still a very challenging task due to the steep learning curve and the amount of work time required. Although there are a lot of free model databases available in the internet, this models are in general not perfectly suited to the customers needs and have to be adapted.

Structure-aware shape manipulation deals with the complexity of creating variations, or adapting a given input model while retaining global features like symmetry and connectivity. The majority of existing algorithms only try to preserve structural features, or have very limited support for adapting the overall structure of the model to changes made by the user. The lack of complex structural changes in the model, for example allowing a wheel to change the number of strokes, limits the number of possible variations this algorithms can generate.

The aim of this thesis is to exploit the possibilities of using curves and curve spaces to find a better representation of the input model, allowing for complex structural adaptions. In addition to this the usefulness of a multi-layered graphs to represent the model and it's constraints should be investigated.

structure-aware model manipulation, modelling, cg

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