Publications in Scientific Journals:

A. Porabka, V. Archodoulaki, W. Molnar, J. Laska:
"Wear behaviour of polyurethane composites with respect to the other mechanical properties";
World Journal of Engineering, 11 (2014), 2; 139 - 146.

English abstract:
Two series of polyurethane matrix composites were prepared. As generally resistant to
wear, the PUs can be used as matrices for wear protective and load-bearing composites. The
objective of this study was to compare the mechanical properties of composites containing
5% vol. of selected ceramic particles, and unmodified PUs. The effect of various particles
on physical and mechanical properties was studied. The results showed that the mechanical
properties changed compared to reference materials: modulus improved in certain materials
and in different temperatures, revealing the favourable influence of FA and SiO2 particles.
In turn, Rm and wear resistance decreased with the type and shape of filler.

Wear, Polyurethane, Mechanical properties, Composites, Ceramic fillers

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