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D. Adam, P. Erdmann:
"Numerical simulation of dynamic soil compaction with vibratory compaction equipment";
in: "Proceedings of XV Danube-European Conference on Geotechnical Engineering", herausgegeben von: ÖIAV; ÖIAV Österreichischer Ingenieur- und Architektenverein, Wien, 2014, ISBN: 978-960-8475-20-5, S. 243 - 248.

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Roller drums make use of various shapes and their dynamic compaction effect is achieved by different kinds of dynamic excitation systems. The bearing capacity of layered soil constructions can be measured during the soil compaction process. The finite element method has been applied for dynamic analyses using elastic models. For the realistic simulation of the dynamic compaction process it is necessary to integrate an inelastic material law for cyclic loads. Compaction with dynamic rollers takes place in different operating modes, which could be proven by the numerical simulations and the influence on continuously recorded control data could be clearly detected.

Soil compaction, Numerical Simulation; Continuous Compaction Control; Hypoplasticity

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