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W. Purgathofer:
"Requirements on the Staff of an Application Oriented Research Organization";
in: "Current Issues of Science and Research in the Global World, December 2014", CRC Press, 2014, (invited), ISBN: 9781138027398, 1 - 3.

English abstract:
The VRVis Research Center in Vienna is the largest technology transfer institution in the area of Visual Computing in Austria. The requirements of the funding body FFG include the publication of scientific research results in first class peer reviewed media, and the active cooperation with co-funding companies. As a consequence the requirements on the staff of VRVis are manifold: they have to communicate with real users, use real data, know about software and hardware, understand the market, do professional documentation, initiate new projects and write funding proposals for these, be part of the scientific community and publish and review papers, manage several projects in parallel and obey strict deadlines for their projects and some more. Such staff is barely available and must be trained on the job.

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