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M. Wimmer:
"Do we need the full reconstruction pipeline?";
Talk: EU-Korea Conference on Science and Technology, Wien (invited); 2014-07-24.

English abstract:
The traditional cultural heritage documentation pipeline from acquisition using a range scanner to interactive display to the user is a tedious and labor-intensive process. In particular, reconstructing high-quality meshes from large point clouds can be time consuming. In this talk, I will present shortcuts to this pipeline. The first idea is not to reconstruct a mesh at all, but keep the original point cloud as long as possible. I will discuss the challenges in maintaining interactivity and high quality when dealing with the display and manipulation of huge point clouds. The second idea is to reconstruct extremely simple models for regular and man-made structures, using shape analysis and user guidance. These models can be shown in end-user installations and require very few resources for display.

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