Publications in Scientific Journals:

D. Brida, D. Tskhakaya:
"Investigation of Oscillations in the Plasma Sheath";
Contribution to Plasma Physics, 54 (2014), 4-6; 469 - 473.

English abstract:
In this work different plasma oscillation modes in the plasma sheath (PS) have been identified. For this pur-pose an electron-deuterium plasma under different conditions was considered. The plasma was simulated withthe fully kinetic massively parallel Particle-in-Cell/Monte Carlo code BIT1 [1]. In order to exclude possibleartificial boundary effects we simulated a sufficiently large area (10 - 50 cm), so that the PS in the simulationdevelops fully self-consistently. Our simulations show that each point in the PS oscillates with a significantlybroad frequency spectrum. The largest oscillation amplitudes have the waves which are in resonance with thelocal plasma frequency for unmagnetized, and with the upper and lower hybrid frequencies for magnetizedplasmas. In addition each point exhibits oscillations at resonance frequencies corresponding to other points inthe PS.

Plasma edge, Particle in Cell simulations, Plasma oscillations

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