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W. Dvorak, T. Linsbichler, E. Oikarinen, S. Woltran:
"Resolution-Based Grounded Semantics Revisited";
Talk: COMMA - International Conference on Computational Models of Argument, Pitlochry; 2014-09-09 - 2014-09-12; in: "Computational Models of Argument", S. Parsons, N. Oren, Ch. Reed, F. Cerutti (ed.); IOS Press, 266 (2014), ISBN: 978-1-61499-436-7; 269 - 280.

English abstract:
The resolution-based grounded semantics constitutes one of the most interesting approaches for the evaluation of abstract argumentation frameworks. This particular semantics satisfies a large number of desired properties, among them all properties proposed by Baroni and Giacomin. In recent years, the analysis of argumentation semantics has been extended by further topics, among them characterizations for equivalence notions, intertranslatability issues, and expressibility in terms of signatures (all possible sets of extensions a semantics is capable to express). In this line of research, resolution-based grounded semantics has been neglected so far. We close this gap here, compare the expressibility of resolution-based grounded semantics with other prominent semantics, provide a characterization for strong equivalence and complement existing complexity results.

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