W. Reitberger, W. Spreicer, G. Fitzpatrick:
"Situated and Mobile Displays for Reflection on Shopping and Nutritional Choices";
Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 18 (2014), 7; S. 1721 - 1735.

Kurzfassung englisch:
We present the Nutriflect approach which utilizes users´ shopping data to inform them about their long term shopping behavior in order to raise awareness and to enable reflection about nutrition. In an
exploratory study we conducted 125 structured interviews in grocery stores. Based on the results we designed our system that visualizes a household´s collective shopping information via situated displays in the home and uses mobile devices for in-store feedback. The system worked without burdening the users with the manual entry of their eating habits. We evaluated the system in a 4 week field study in 8 household with 21 users and in situated in store shopping inquiries
with a subs et of 9 of these users. In these studies we identified issues regarding the user centred design of Internet of Things applications and explored the use of distributed displays to provide
tailored cues in context. Furthermore, we provide implications for th
e design of IoT-based end user systems for behaviour change. The approach taken by Nutriflect showed the potential to foster reflection about nutrition, catalyze social interactions among household members and positively influence their shopping behavior

nutrition; shopping; awareness; behavior change; reflection; situated displays; field study; mobile; food; Internet of T hings; NFC ; ubiquitous computing; persuasion

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