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R. Randell, E. Borycki, D. Dowding, P. Dykes, G. Fitzpatrick, N. Hardiker:
"Participatory Design for Off-the-Shelf Health Information Technology";
Talk: 12th International Congress on Nursing Informatics (NI2014), Taiwan; 2014-06-21 - 2014-06-25; in: "Proc. Nursing Informatics (NI2014)", (2014).

English abstract:
Healthcare organizations are increasingly relying on vendor-supplied health information technology (HIT). There is a need for improved methods of user participation for the procurement, deployment and ongoing development of such systems. Participatory Design (PD) is a sociotechnical design approach where users are active participants in
the stages of planning, implementation and evaluation, but PD can be
challenging and traditionally PD has been used in the implementation of local, small-scale systems.
This workshop will:provide the opportunity for participants to learn from each otherīs experiences of being involved in, and involving users in,HIT implementation; elaborate the challenges of involving users in HIT implementation; understand how these issues play out in different settings, e.g., primary care and secondary care; provide an understanding of PD and how it could be applied in vendor-supplied HIT
implementation; and explore how existing methods of PD can be adapted
to better suit vendor-supplied HIT implementation. The workshop will combine: presentations that draw on the speakersī experiences of using PD methods; small group activities that give participants experience of planning and using some PD methods; and discussions that explore who to involve, finding the time for users to participate, and measuring success.

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