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G. Fitzpatrick:
"Maturing pervasive health - where to from here?";
Keynote Lecture: 8th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare, Oldenburg, Germany; 2014-05-20 - 2014-05-23.

English abstract:
At the first Pervasive Health conference in 2006, pervasive health was defined from two perspectives: "the development and application of pervasive computing [...] technologies for healthcare, health and wellness management; [and making] healthcare available to anyone, anytime, and anywhere [...] while increasing both the coverage and quality of healthcare", where the conference aimed to cover three main challenge areas: "mobile and wireless technologies for pervasive healthcare, medical aspects of pervasive healthcare, and management of pervasive healthcare." The 2014 conference reflects similar themes.
Where are we at with these challenges? Since 2006, there has been unprecedented growth and maturing of mobile and wireless technologies, with healthcare, health and well-being being a key target area. It could be argued that to date it has been technology-led, albeit driven by very real health/care needs. But how well are these technologies being integrated into the broad spectrum of health and care and what impact are they having? What could maturing pervasive health look like? Drawing on experiences from more general health IT and `behaviour change´ areas, I will reflect on some of the lessons learnt and propose some challenges and opportunities for pervasive health moving forward.

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