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G. Fitzpatrick:
"From promise to reality: reflections towards designing Health IT that works";
Talk: Workshop on CSCW in Healthcare 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark (invited); 2014-06-27.

English abstract:
The promises of IT for transforming healthcare have been around for decades, from single site EPRs in the 1970s, to recent large-scale national ehealth initiatives. Yet despite significant investments and years of experiences, many initiatives continue to be extremely problematic and are yet to produce effective outcomes. We are also seeing a similar wave of promise around the potential of pervasive technologies for healthcare; since 2006 in particular, there has been unprecedented growth and maturing of mobile and wireless technologies, with healthcare, health and well-being being key target areas. But how well are these technologies being integrated into the broad spectrum of health and care and what impact are they having? Drawing on experiences from more general health IT and pervasive healthcare areas, I will reflect on some of the lessons learnt and propose some challenges and opportunities for health IT moving forward

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