Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

R. Deng, R. Saathof, J. Spronck, S.A.J. Hol, R. Munnig Schmidt:
"Integrated 6-DoF Lorentz Actuator with Gravity Compensator for Precision Positioning";
Talk: MagLev 2014, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); 09-28-2014 - 10-01-2014; in: "MagLev 2014", (2014), 10 pages.

English abstract:
In-line surface metrology requires a surface inspection instrument to be positioned
above a target surface. A robot arm coarsely positions the inspection instrument and
an additional actuator nely positions it and corrects for vibration. Lorentz actuators
are highly suitable for high precision positioning stages because of their linearity and
low stiffness between the stator and the mover. Low stiffness indicates a constant force
over the actuation range. The force is independent on the position, which reduces the
transmission of external disturbing forces. The stator is mounted on the robot arm while
the mover carries the inspection instrument. A constant force is required on the mover to
compensate the gravitational force. To limit the power consumption of the actuator, the
gravity compensation force needs to be generated passively. Thus, only a small amount
of heat will be transferred into the actuator, which reduces thermal deformation. The
vibration transmitted through the robot arm and the actuator to the inspection instrument
is reduced by the low stiffness. This paper proposes a new controllable 6-DoF Lorentz
short-range actuator mounted on a robot arm that simultaneously generates a 40 N static
force to compensate gravity by permanent magnets. This paper focuses on the concept of
the 6-DoF actuator with integrated gravity compensator. The gravity compensator was

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