D. Karadimos, R. Vlastou, G. Badurek, E. Jericha, H. Leeb, H. Oberhummer, -. n_TOF Collaboration et al.:
"Neutron-induced fission cross section of 234U measured at the CERN n_TOF facility";
Physical Review C, 89 (2014), 044606; S. 1 - 11.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The neutron-induced fission cross section of 234U has been measured at the CERN n_TOF facility relative to the standard fission cross section of 235U from 20 keV to 1.4 MeV and of 238U from 1.4 to 200 MeV. A fast ionization chamber (FIC) was used as a fission fragment detector with a detection efficiency of no less than 97%. The high instantaneous flux and the low background characterizing the n_TOF facility resulted in wide-energy-range data (0.02 to 200 MeV), with high energy resolution, high statistics, and systematic uncertainties bellow 3%. Previous investigations around the energy of the fission threshold revealed structures attributed to β-vibrational levels, which have been confirmed by the present measurements. Theoretical calculations have been performed, employing the TALYS code with model parameters tuned to fairly reproduce the experimental data.

Neutron-induced fission; Accelerator-driven transmutation of nuclear waste; A >= 220; General properties of fission

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