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S. Bucheli, R. Kuznets, T. Studer:
"Realizing public announcements by justifications";
Journal of Computer and System Sciences, 80 (2014), 6; 1046 - 1066.

English abstract:
Modal public announcement logics study how beliefs change after public announcements. However, these logics cannot express the reason for a new belief. Justification logics fill this gap since they can formally represent evidence and justifications for an agent's belief. We present OPAL(K) and JPAL(K), two alternative justification counterparts of Gerbrandy-Groeneveld's public announcement logic PAL(K). We show that PAL(K) is the forgetful projection of both OPAL(K) and JPAL(K). We also establish that JPAL(K) partially realizes PAL(K). The question whether a similar result holds for OPAL(K) is still open.

Justification logic, Dynamic epistemic logic, Public announcements, Belief revision

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