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I. Janusch, W. Kropatsch, W. Busch:
"Topological Image Analysis and Reeb Graph Representations for Plant Phenotyping";
Talk: 1st Viennese Plant Phenotyping Workshop, Wien (invited); 2014-11-19.

English abstract:
This paper discusses the use of topological image
analysis to derive characteristics needed in plant phenotyping.
Due to certain features of root systems (deformation over time,
overlaps of branches in a 2D image of the root system) a topolog-
ical analysis is needed to correctly derive these characteristics.
The advantages of such a topological analysis are highlighted
in this paper and root phenotyping is presented as a new
application for computational topology. Characteristics used in
plant phenotyping that can be derived from root images using
methods of topological image analysis are further presented. A
Reeb graph based representation of root images is shown as
an example for such a topological analysis. Based on a graph
representation a new, normalised representation of root images
is introduced.

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