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H. Kopetz:
"From Embedded Systems to Systems of Systems";
Keynote Lecture: 10th IEEE/IFIP Workshop on Software Technologies for Future Embedded and Ubiquitous Systems (SEUS), Reno, Nevada, USA (invited); 2014-06-08 - 2014-06-09.

English abstract:
Most of today´s machines, e.g.,
automotive engines, production machin
ery or even consumer devices,
such as a washing machine, are controlled by an em
bedded computer system. It is assumed that the
widespread integration of these existing embedded co
mputer systems and data bases into systems-of-
systems (e.g., the Internet of Things, IoT) will provi
de new synergistic services, make better use of the
available information, lead to new insights, improve
current economic processe
s and thus create greater
wealth. Fueled by the dramatic technological progress in the area of wire-bound and wire-less
communication, this integration is already happening on
a wide scale in industry. From the viewpoint of
computer science, the domain of Systems-of-Systems (S
oS) is a relatively new field that poses significant
new research challenges. In our view, the differe
ntiating characteristics of a SoS compared to a
monolithic system are the autonomy of the Constituent Systems (CS), emergent phenomena at the SoS
level, uncoordinated evolution of th
e CSs and most, importantly, that th
e occurrence of faults in the CSs
must be considered normal during the operation an So
S. This presentation will focus on the issues that are
posed by the integration of embedded systems into
systems of systems and will refer to the research
approach taken in the European AMADEOS proj
ect 610535 (Architecture for Multi-criticality Agile
Dependable Evolutionary Open System-of-Systems).

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