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H. Kopetz:
"Why a Global Time is Needed in a Dependable SoS";
Keynote Lecture: Engineering Dependable Systems of Systems (EDSoS) 2014, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom (invited); 2014-05-13.

English abstract:
A system-of-systems (SoS) is a large information processing system formed by the integration of autonomous computer systems (called constituent systems, CS), physical machines and humans for the purpose of providing new synergistic services and/or more efficient economic processes. In a number of applications, e.g robotics, the autonomous CSs must coordinate their actions in the temporal domain to realize the desired objectives. In this paper we argue that the introduction of a proper global physical time establishes a shared view about the progress of physical time and helps to realize the temporal coordination of the autonomous CSs. The available global time can also be used to simplify the solution of many challenging problems within the SoS, such as distributed resource allocation, and helps to improve the dependability and fault-tolerance of the SoS.

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