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S. Biffl, R. Mordinyi, G. Raidl, H. Steininger, D. Winkler:
"An SME Transition from Plan-Driven to Hybrid Project Management with Agile Software Development Methods";
Talk: 21th EuroSPI Conference on Systems Software and Service Process Improvement, Industrial Track, Luxembourg, Luxemburg; 2014-06-25 - 2014-06-27; in: "Proceedings of the 21th EuroSPI Conference on Systems Software and Service Process Improvement, Industrial Track", Delta, (2014), ISBN: 978-87-7398-157-3.

English abstract:
In critical software development contexts, such as industrial software product development, plan-driven methods for project management are established to achieve well-defined goals. However, for new product development agile software development and management meth-ods are attractive due to the flexibility they provide as new requirements or findings emerge.
In this paper we report on the process improvement experience of a 25-person small-to-medium enterprise (SME) with new software product development of programming tools for large-scale industrial automation systems. Plan-driven project management methods were well aligned to contracts with customers but not to the challenges of market-driven new prod-uct development. Therefore, the SME adopted agile methods and developed a hybrid project management approach with agile software development methods and the tool support to op-timize the benefits from these process improvements. We discuss lessons learned from the case study, risks, and success factors regarding the transition from plan-driven to hybrid pro-ject management.
Major effects from the process improvement to hybrid project management with agile software development methods were (a) better awareness of development needs and progress on the team and management levels, (b) more efficient controlling of resources and cost, and (c) the innovative integration of research and development partners into agile sprint management.

Project Management, Hybrid Project Management, Plan-Driven Development, Agile Software Development, Software Process Improvement, SME.

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