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L.C. Whitmore, M.R. Ahmadi, M. Stockinger, E. Povoden-Karadeniz, E. Kozeschnik, H. Leitner:
"Microstructural investigation of thermally aged nickel-based superalloy 718Plus";
Materials Science and Engineering A, 594 (2014), 253 - 259.

English abstract:
The effects of thermal aging upon the nickel-based 718Plus superalloy are investigated and modelled. Yield strength and micro-hardness measurements are made after solution annealing and after aging at 788 C for 4 h. In order to explain the differences in strength and hardness, a detailed investigation of the microstructure is performed using transmission electron microscopy. The size and phase fraction of the γ′ precipitates are measured and related to the measured hardness and yield strength using a theoretical model of precipitation strengthening based on the shearing of precipitates in terms of coherency strengthening and the formation of an antiphase boundary.

718Plus; Superalloy; Gamma prime; Antiphase boundary; Precipitation strengthening; Strength modelling

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