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S. Pailhes, H. Euchner, V. Giordano, R. Debord, A. Assy, S. Gomes, A. Bosak, D. Machon, S. Paschen, M. de Boissieu:
"Localization of Propagative Phonons in a Perfectly Crystalline Solid";
Physical Review Letters, 113 (2014), 2.

German abstract:
Perfectly crystalline solids are excellent heat conductors. Prominent counterexamples are intermetallic clathrates, guest-host systems with a high potential for thermoelectric applications due to their ultralow thermal conductivities. Our combined experimental and theoretical investigation of the lattice dynamics of a particularly simple binary representative, Ba8Si46, identifies the mechanism responsible for the reduction of lattice thermal conductivity intrinsic to the perfect crystal structure. Above a critical wave vector, the purely harmonic guest-host interaction leads to a drastic transfer of spectral weight to the guest atoms, corresponding to a localization of the propagative phonons.

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