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B. Cilku, P. Puschner et al.:
"A Memory Arbitration Scheme for Mixed-Criticality Multicore Platforms";
Talk: 2 nd International Workshop on Mixed Criticality Systems (WMC14), Rome, Italy; 2014-12-02; in: "Proceedings of the 2 nd International Workshop on Mixed Criticality Systems", (2014), 27 - 32.

English abstract:
In mixed-criticality systems, applications of different crit-
icality levels share the same computing platform. To avoid spatial and
temporal interference of the applications, the computing platform must
implement measures for spatial and temporal isolation. In this paper
we show how the enhancement of a static memory arbiter by a second,
dynamic arbitration layer facilitates the interference-free integration of
mixed-criticality applications with different performance requirements.
This paper (a) compares the performance tradeoffs of the new dual-layer arbiter and a COTS arbiter and (b) evaluates the performance of an XtratuM hypervisor system running on a platform with this dual-layer arbiter.

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