C. Yamu:
"It Is Simply Complex(ity). Modeling and Simulation in the Light of Decision-Making, Emergent Structures and a World of Non-Linearity";
DISP, 199 (2014), 50.4; S. 43 - 53.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Abstract: Models and simulations are "hot" 1 as they can support planning and planning processes in various ways. With digital models and simulations, we can obtain an overview as well as gain insight into complex spatial problems, support decision-making, e.g. dealing with limited resources of time and manpower and clashing views between stakeholders that have to be resolved, and draft possible solutions across scales. We thereby create planning strategies that act as "guidelines into the future" (Richtschnüre
in die Zukunft, Scholl 2005: 1122). In this paper, we reflect on the idea of complexity,
what it means for spatial models and simulations and how models cope with it, e.g. space syntax (2D), its impact on decision-making, and the added value of 3D visualizations and virtual realities (VR). Moving on to the notion of time (4D) we introduce the idea of an evolutionary perspective for planning in the light of an unpredictable future. In conclusion, we forge a link to planning processes and strategic planning.

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