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A. Winkelbauer, R. Fuiko, J. Krampe, S. Winkler:
"Crucial elements and technical implementation of intelligent monitoring networks";
Water Science and Technology, 70 (2014), 12; 1926 - 1933.

English abstract:
Growing complexity of water monitoring instrumentation leads to specialized solutions in respect to sensor integration across several measurement device suppliers. Despite efforts of tandardization for data interfaces and protocols, roblems regarding the combination of several devices to gain the complete picture in terms of water quality remain. This assessment, especially ccomplished from the perspective of a catchment area, requires a transition from sole use of data collectors toward an implementation of intelligent measurement networks. Several challenges and bottlenecks concerning distributed data collection are discussed starting with data acquisition up to the userscope of utilizing data processing software. Finally, experiences using automated data inspection and export tools are discussed and a brief overview of expectable long-term data availability is given.

automated online monitoring networks, data abstraction, data to information, plausibility assessment

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