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W. Fischl, D. Calvanese, R. Pichler, M. Simkus, E. Sallinger:
"Capturing Relational Schemas and Functional Dependencies in RDFS";
Poster: Reasoning Web, International Summer School, Athen; 2014-09-07 - 2014-09-13.

English abstract:
Mapping relational data to RDF is an important task for the
development of the Semantic Web. To this end, the W3C has
recently released a recommendation for the so-called direct
mapping of relational data to RDF. In this work, we propose an
enrichment of the direct mapping to make it more faithful by
transferring also semantic information present in the relational
schema from the relational world to the RDF world. We
thus introduce expressive identification constraints to capture
functional dependencies and define an RDF Normal Form,
which precisely captures the classical Boyce-Codd Normal
Form of relational schemas.

identification constraints; functional dependencies; normal forms

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