Contributions to Proceedings:

L. Ekiz, A. Posselt, O. Klemp, C. Mecklenbräuker:
"Assessment of Design Methodologies for Vehicular 802.11p Antenna Systems";
in: "2014 International Conference on Connected Vehicules and Expo", IEEE Xplore, 2014, 4 pages.

English abstract:
In this contribution, we propose and analyze perfor- mance metrics for vehicular antenna systems. Considered metrics are the following: δD,RSS giving the difference in received signal strength (RSS) of the antennas, thus illustrating their supported diversity efficiency. The antenna gain outage rate ρG and the probability of antenna gain differences ρD.
Further, the proposed performance metrics are evaluated for three prototypical vehicular antenna systems to assess their suitability for supporting IEEE 802.11p. The considered vehicular antenna prototypes employ different design methodologies to limit the interaction between their 802.11p and cellular antennas. By comparing the prototype systems based on mismatch, antenna isolation and metrics for the antenna radiation pattern, we assess their performance. We apply our benchmark results to measurements performed in a 802.11p testbed. Each prototype antenna system is evaluated according to the offered diversity efficiency, which we assess according to the RSS measured with both 802.11p antennas.

Antenna Design Methodology, 802.11p, DSRC, Antenna Benchmark

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