M.N. Durakbasa, G. Bas:
"Key Metrology Roadmap in Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Micro-components and Nano-structures";
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Volume 1 (2014), 6; S. 347 - 353.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Innovative technology applications with a broad range of areas and products have been focusing on micro and
nanotechnology developments during the last few decades. Novel technology, which meets practice in manufacturing and industrial
applications, presents an interdisciplinary set of complications in integration processes of products with structures in the micro- and
nano-scale. The production of very precise components goes hand in hand with the development of the necessary metrology, and a
wide range of measuring instruments has been devised to cater for the evaluation of surfaces and structures. GPS (geometrical
product specifications and verification) is a key enabling manufacturing industry to operate competitively meeting the requirements
of high quality and improved products. As a matter of fundamental importance to the novel innovation performance, integrating
precise measurement systems and 3D metrology on geometrical dimension specification and surface characterization of the
components in the next-generation manufacturing will provide not only solution to overcome these challenges but also more efficient
use of resources, improved process control, better product uniformity, fewer waste, enhanced safety and other sustainable benefits.

Nanotechnology, GPS (geometrical product specifications and verification), 3D metrology, micro/nano manufacturing, intelligent technologies

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