Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

S. Biffl, O. Kovalenko, A. Lüder, N. Schmidt, R. Rosendahl:
"Semantic Mapping Support for Mechatronic Objects in AutomationML";
Talk: AutomationML User Conference, Blomberg, Germany; 2014-10-07 - 2014-10-08; in: "Proceedings of the AutomationML User Conference", (2014), 13 pages.

English abstract:
In production system engineering, the machine-understandable definition of relations between
engineering information views is important to enable automating dependency checking between
these views. Unfortunately, in automation engineering there is no standardized representation of
relations and dependencies, which makes it difficult to automate consistency checking.
In this paper we derive requirements for describing relations and dependencies in the semantics of
typical engineering models. We investigate the emerging data exchange standard AutomationML
regarding the representation of semantic mapping types that represent relations and dependencies
between engineering models.
Major result is the identification on how semantic mapping types are modeled in AutomationML to
find similarities and differences, which can help to improve the machine-understandable modeling of
the dependencies in Auto-mationML to enable the automation of engineering processes.

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