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A. Grünwald, D. Winkler, M. Sabou, S. Biffl:
"The Semantic Model Editor: Efficient Data Modeling and Integration based on OWL Ontologies";
Talk: 10th International Semantic Systems (SEMANTIC), Leipzig, Germany; 2014-09-04 - 2014-09-05; in: "Proceedings of the 10th International Semantic Systems (SEMANTIC)", ACM, (2014), ISBN: 978-1-4503-2927-9.

English abstract:
Semantic Web and Linked Data are widely considered as effective and powerful technologies for integrating heterogeneous data models and data sources. However, there is still a gap between promising research results and prototypes and their practical acceptance in industry contexts. In context of our industry partners we observed a lack of tool-support that (a) enables efficient modeling of OWL ontologies and (b) supports querying and visualization of query results also for non-experts. The selection and application of existing semantic programming libraries and editors is challenging and hinders software engineers, who are familiar with modeling approaches such as UML, in applying semantic concepts in their solutions. In this paper we introduce the Semantic Model Editor (SMEd) to support engineers who are non-experts in semantic technologies in designing ontologies based on well-known UML class diagram notations. SMEd - a Web-based application - enables an efficient integration of heterogeneous data models, i.e., designing, populating, and querying of ontologies. First results of a pilot application at industry partners showed that SMEd was found useful in industry context, leveraged the derivation of reusable artifacts, and significantly accelerated development and configuration of data integration scenarios.

Semantic Model Editor, OWL, Data Models, IT Project Management, Data Integration, Feasibility Study.

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