M. Kalinowski, S. Biffl, R. Spinola, S. Reinehr:
"From project-oriented to service-oriented software development: an industrial experience guided by a service reference model";
Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development, 2 (2014), 23 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Introduction: In organizations with software systems in production, new and often
unexpected requirements for development come up due to strategic, tactical, and
operational customer needs. In this context, it is a strategic advantage for software
suppliers to be able to provide software services that meet these demands faster
and with less overhead than negotiating traditional value-neutral project-oriented
software deliveries.
Case description: This article reports on the industrial experience of restructuring the
supplier-side software development process into a value-based service-oriented format,
guided by a service reference model. A service level agreement (SLA) was established
between supplier and customer reflecting the business needs and values. The report
describes the contractual aspects and internal managerial controls employed to facilitate
the compliance of the provided services with the SLA, including the integrated use of a
managerial spreadsheet, an issue-tracking system, and a Kanban chart.
Discussion and evaluation: The feasibility and results of restructuring software
development into a service-oriented format are evaluated. Major results were that
only moderate effort was required, around one person month, due to the support
of the service reference model and a sufficient level of previously installed capabilities,
and that the goals regarding improved quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction
were successfully achieved. Additionally we discuss stakeholder needs, the support
from the service reference model, the lessons learned, and the success factors for
such restructuring.
Conclusions: Restructuring software development in the format of continuous service
delivery, guided by a service reference model, is feasible and for suitable contexts can
provide significant benefits concerning quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Service reference model; Software development as a service; Software process; Software project management; Software quality

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