Publications in Scientific Journals:

P. Novak, R. Sindelar, R. Mordinyi:
"Integration Framework for Simulations and SCADA Systems";
Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 47 (2014), 121 - 140.

English abstract:
Stricter requirements on the quality of industrial plant operation together with environmental
limits and decreasing energy consumption bring more complex automation
systems. The intelligent control techniques, which are based on approaches from diverse
disciplines including statistics, artificial intelligence or signal processing, have been widely
used during the last years and their benefits have been proved. They cannot be developed
and tested without simulation models and access to online and historical data. This article
proposes a platform for the integration of simulations and industrial SCADA systems
supporting complex data access and simulation code re-use.
The idea of the presented framework is to connect simulations, data sources, optimizers,
other calculations and SCADA systems into one integrated environment seamlessly. A
technical level of the framework provides integration of stakeholders and a semantic level
captures engineering knowledge in inter-mapped ontologies and configures the technical
level, which is often called model-driven configuration. The semantic level utilizes a formal
model implemented as set of ontologies. The major contribution of the article are the
layered model of the integration architecture and formulation of the integration requirements
in the industrial automation domain. The proposed solution has been implemented
and tested on a software prototype level. It is demonstrated on two use-cases covering
both design and integration of simulation models from the industrial perspective. The proposed
architecture is intended to be as general as possible, however it has been tested on
signal-oriented simulators only. It is the main limitation of this contribution and it should
be addressed in upcoming work.

Simulation, Technical and semantic integration, Advanced process control, SCADA systems, Enterprise service bus

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