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D. Winkler, F. Ekaputra, E. Serral Asensio, S. Biffl:
"Efficient Data Integration and Communication Issues in Distributed Engineering Projects and Project Consortia";
Talk: 14th International Conference on Knowledge Technologies and Data-Driven Business (I-KNOW), Graz; 2014-09-16 - 2014-09-19; in: "Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Knowledge Technologies and Data-Driven Business (I-KNOW)", ACM, (2014), ISBN: 978-1-4503-2769-5.

English abstract:
An engineering project consortium represents the collaboration of
different groups of partners to achieve a common goal, e.g.,
developing innovative products. This collaboration may be
challenging because of different terminologies and different tools
and data models used by the project partners. In this work, we
present the concept of a Project Consortia Knowledge Base
(PC-KB), an integration framework based on semantic knowledge
that facilitates project-level communication as well as access to
and querying of project data across tool and partner boundaries.
The PC-KB allows establishing common data models on different
abstraction layers within the consortium organization. Using these
common models, the PC-KB integrates partner data to provide (a)
a common terminology for facilitating communication among
project partners and (b) a common consistent view for efficient
data integration. The PC-KB has been successfully applied in the
automation systems domain to improve collaboration and data
exchange in heterogeneous engineering environments.

Project consortium, data integration, heterogeneous data environments, communication.

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