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O. Hödl, G. Fitzpatrick, S. Holland:
"Exploring the Digital Music Instrument Trombosonic with Extreme Users and at a Participatory Performance";
International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems, 7 (2014), 3 & 4; 439 - 449.

English abstract:
We introduce the "Trombosonic" as a new digital music instrument inspired by the slide trombone. An ultrasonic sensor combined with a red laser allows the performer to play the instrument using similar movements to playing a trombone to change the pitch, despite the absence of a physical slider, by moving one hand back and forth. Additional sensors enhance the potential for musical expression by movement of the whole interface and by using the breath. We identify and discuss a variety of design issues arising from the Trombosonic. Due to its compact size and the lack of a slider, the Trombosonic can be played in many different ways. In order to explore varied potential uses of the Trombosonic, we carried out a series of informal evaluations. These included experts in new musical instruments, an older user, a younger user, an interaction design expert, and the audience at an experimental concert with audience participation. Future work is also discussed. Further technical development might include a built-in microphone to use the human voice and an expansion of the synthesizer's features.

Sound and Music Computing, Interface for Musical Expression, Digital Music Instrument, Exploratory Evaluation, Performance Evaluation

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