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soma architecture, K. Schinegger:
"Immanent Elasticity - soma architecture invites visitors to immerse themselves in an adaptable, cloud-like spatial structure, a weave of elastic fibers developed especially for the MAK Gallery";
DOMUS Italienisches Architekturmagazin, Septembre (2014), 3 pages.

English abstract:
The exhibition, which was conceived as part of the series APPLIED ARTS. NOW, is based on intensive studies of elastic material systems by soma architecture and departs from conventional methods of design.
Architecture manifests itself as an elastic discourse in the sense of an open, individual interpretation and perception of space. The work consists of fiberglass-reinforced plastic cells, a material that through internal stresses produces a kinematic potential and can be reshaped in a variety of ways through movement. Externally applied forces cause ...

Günther Weber Immanent Elasticity Kristina Schinegger MAK Martin Oberascher soma architecture Stefan Rutzinger

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