K. Hagen:
"Las políticas del espacio público icónico - Seestadt Aspern, la orilla urbana de Viena.";
Gestion Y Ambiente, 17 (2015), 2; S. 85 - 94.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The analysis puts the focus on a large-scale project by refering to questions about public space policies and considering aspects of globalization in this context. The present text focuses on the growing significance of public space for sustainable urban development and investigates the changing image of public space in general and existing planning instruments ensuring its prospective quality. It discusses the influence of globalization by using the concept of ´ iconic city´ and the role of public space in this regard. Although closely linked to one another, their interaction - e.g. in terms of potentials, problems and quality aspects - has hardly been investigated yet. Changes in the policies of public space in Vienna underline the importance of this approach. The example of the Aspern Urban Lakeside even shows a tendency of change from 'iconic architecture' towards 'iconic public space'.

globalisation, public space, planning instruments, sustainable urban development

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