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A. Lipani, F. Piroi, L. Andersson, A. Hanbury:
"An Information Retrieval Ontology for Information Retrieval Nanopublications";
Vortrag: 5th International Conference of the CLEF Initiative, CLEF 2014, Sheffield, UK; 15.09.2013 - 18.09.2013; in: "Information Access Evaluation. Multilinguality, Multimodality, and Interaction", Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8685 (2014), ISBN: 978-3-319-11381-4; S. 44 - 49.

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Retrieval experiments produce plenty of data, like various experiment settings and experimental results, that are usually not all included in the published articles. Even if they are mentioned, they are not easily machine-readable. We propose the use of IR nanopublications to describe in a formal language such information. Furthermore, to support the unambiguous description of IR domain aspects, we present a preliminary IR ontology. The use of the IR nanopublications will facilitate the assessment and comparison of IR systems and enhance the degree of reproducibility and reliability of IR research progress.

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