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A. Lipani, F. Piroi, L. Andersson, A. Hanbury:
"Extracting Nanopublications from IR Papers";
Talk: 7th Information Retrieval Facility Conference (IRFC2014), Copenhagen, Denmark; 2014-11-11 - 2014-11-12; in: "Multidisciplinary Information Retrieval", Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8849 (2014), ISBN: 978-3-319-12978-5; 53 - 62.

English abstract:
The published scientific results should be reproducible, otherwise the scientific findings reported in the publications are less valued by the community. Several undertakings, like myExperiment, RunMyCode, or DIRECT, contribute to the availability of data, experiments, and algorithms. Some of these experiments and algorithms are even referenced or mentioned in later publications. Generally, research articles that present experimental results only summarize the used algorithms and data. In the better cases, the articles do refer to a web link where the code can be found. We give here an account of our experience with extracting the necessary data to possibly reproduce IR experiments. We also make considerations on automating this information extraction and storing the data as IR nanopublications which can later be queried and aggregated by automated processes, as the need arises.

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