P. Kadera, P. Novak, V. Jirkovsky, P. Vrba:
"Performance models preventing multi-agent systems from overloading computational resources";
Automation, Control and Intelligent Systems, 6 (2014), S. 96 - 102.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Multi-Agent Systems (MASs) suffer from low immunity against burst of arrival requests which can result in a
permanent outage of such systems. This factor limits the suitability of MASs for control of real-world manufacturing systems
with strict requirements on performance and reliability. This manuscript explains the origins of the performance degradation of
MASs based on Contract-Net Protocol and proposes a method that protects the systems against the destructive effect of
temporal overloads. The proposed method continuously observes the communication among agents and analyzes it in order to
identify possible saturation of a system resource. If triggering a new action saturates a system resource, the carrying out of the
action will be postponed. The impacts of the method are demonstrated on a test-bed consisted of six mini-computers Raspberry
Pi. It shows that the proposed method avoids overloading of the system and thus guarantees a specific system throughput
effectively and efficiently.

Holonic Systems, Multi-Agent Systems, Robustness, Reconfigurable Systems, Software Agents

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