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W. Hofkirchner:
"The commons from a critical social systems perspective";
Recerca (invited), New insights into relational goods (2014), 14; 73 - 92.

English abstract:
This paper is an attempt to theorise the commons from a perspective that sets out for reconciling systemism with a critical stance.According to that the concept of the commons is not only descriptive but also normative.The commons are defined as the systemic effect of synergy in social systems. However, the more suppression and exploitation are ruling, the higher is the extent of exclusion of actors from self-organised generation and usage of the synergetic effect, that is, the higher the extent of enclosure of the commons. Actually, the trend towards the enclosure of the commons is all-embracing and besets every subsystem of society.The critical stance of that theoretical position manifests itself in the endorsement of the reclaiming of the commons as a step towards the implementation of a good society.

self-organisation, synergy, enclosure of the commons, Logic of the Third, Global Sustainable Information Society

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