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R. Baranyi, D. Binder, N. Lederer, T. Grechenig:
"A Quantitative Survey About the Interest in Second Opinion and Quality/Trust in Online Health Information: How "Online" are Digital Natives in Personal Health?";
Talk: Sixth International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine (eTELEMED 14), Barcelona, Spain; 03-23-2014 - 03-27-2014; in: "Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine", IARIA, Curran Associates, Inc. (2014), ISBN: 978-1-61208-327-8; 17 - 22.

English abstract:
Growing access to qualified medical information triggers interest and helps patients with their medical conditions, get second opinions, or just share some experience with others. To explore the thoughts of digital natives - what information is accepted and sought after and what information is considered irrelevant or unnecessary - in health information systems, a quantitative survey, from the end usersī point of view, with 56 people was conducted. The sample consisted of semi-digital natives aged between 18 and 35. The main results show that a large number of people (78.6%) do an online research after a doctorīs consultation. In terms of second opinion, only 33.9% would in principle consider taking a second opinion from online health consulting.

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