Publications in Scientific Journals:

T. Gregoric, T. Glazar:
"Architecture Educates";
oris magazine for architecture and culture, 90 (2014), 92 - 103.

English abstract:
Contribution to the work of Stanko Kristl.
When it comes to content, the oeuvre of architect Stanko Kristl is very extensive and covers all segments, from book design, residential and public buildings, some of which have very demanding programs, such as kindergartens, schools and hospitals, all the way to zoning projects for entire city blocks. If we look at the architect´s oeuvre in great detail, we will see that he dedicated himself to every task with particular intensity, and that in the beginning he kept repeating key questions about the essence of a particular construction typology, its impact on individual users, and its role in society. Detailed and multilayered research of the organization of a particular program is a basis for a radical solution as a response in developing a building type.

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