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A. Tjoa, A. Anjomshoaa, E. Kiesling, P. Wetz, B. Do:
"Exploring Linked Statistical Data Using Linked Widgets";
Talk: The fifth international symposium on Information and Communication Technology (SoICT 2014), Hanoi, Vietnam (invited); 2014-12-04 - 2014-12-05; in: "The fifth international symposium on Information and Communication Technology (SoICT 2014)", T. Nguyen et al. (ed.); Acm Icps, New York (2014), ISBN: 978-1-4503-2930-9.

English abstract:
The Open Data movement has gained momentum among governments, in the business world, and in the public sector in recent years. This movement has resulted in a growing number of open and accessible datasets that have established a solid basis for enhanced service offerings and improved experiences for citizens and businesses. Statistical data, which embodies a big portion of Open Data, comprises a wide range of domains including finance, demographics, transportation, employment, etc. Statistical data plays an important role in public policy formation and as a facilitator for informed decision-making in the private sector.
Linked Statistical Data is an evolving concept that combines the
richness of Linked Data (a set of best practices for publishing and
connecting structured data on the Web) with the descriptiveness
of statistical data to integrate data from multiple sources and put it
in a semantic context. In this short paper, Linked Statistical Data
limitations and challenges are explored before introducing Linked
Widgets as an innovative approach.

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