R. Piché, M. Järvenpää, E. Turunen, M. Simunek:
"Bayesian analysis of GUHA hypotheses";
Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, 42 (2014), 1; S. 47 - 73.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The LISp-Miner system for data mining and knowledge discovery uses the GUHA method to comb through a large data base and finds 2 ◊ 2 contingency tables that satisfy a certain condition given by generalised quantifiers and thereby suggest the existence of possible relations between attributes. In this paper, we show how a more detailed interpretation of the data in the tables that were found by GUHA can be obtained using Bayesian statistical methods. Using a multinomial sampling model and Dirichlet prior, we derive posterior distributions for parameters that correspond to GUHA generalised quantifiers. Examples are presented illustrating the new Bayesian post-processing tools implemented in LISp-Miner. A statistical model for the analysis of contingency tables for data from two subpopulations is also presented.

Data mining, GUHA, Contingency table, Bayesian statistics, 62F15, 62H17, 62-07

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