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A. Prethaler, T. Vogl, G. Mori, W. Havlik, G. Zehethofer, S. Hönig, E. Rosenberg:
"Efficiency of two gas and gas condensate inhibitors in a laboratory two phase flow";
Talk: EUROCORR 2013, Porto/PT; 09-01-2013 - 09-05-2013; in: "Proceedings of EUROCORR 2013 - European Corrosion Congress 2013", (2013), ISBN: 978-989988500-4; 1 - 12.

English abstract:
Two inhibitors have been tested in a two-phase laboratory flow loop system with carbon steel tubes under conditions near an Austrian gas well with a gas-liquid ratio of 20,000. Inhibitor 1 was based on ethoxylated phosphate coco-amine salt dissolved in benzene, inhibitor 2 was an imidazoline dissolved in ethylene glycol with additions of hexamethylenediamine and thioglycolic acid. Results show for all investigated superficial flow velocities that the imidazoline based inhibitor shows a much better performance than the coco-amine salt in the high velocity water-CO2 flow. Tested flow regimes were annular and wavy flow. Analysis of inhibitors was done on the one side with gas chromatography to determine and characterize volatile species and on the other side with liquid chromatography to investigate non-volatile species. Results show that the aromatic structure of the imidazoline stabilized with thioglycolic acid can result in a much higher surface coverage if compared to the amine of inhibitor 1. Critical concentration of inhibitor 1 to sufficiently protect carbon steel is much higher than 100 ppm (addition to the liquid phase) whereas the imidazoline based inhibitor reaches a high performance already below 100 ppm.

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