Publications in Scientific Journals:

L. Ginner, C. Blatter, D. Fechtig, T. Schmoll, M. Gröschl, R. Leitgeb:
"Wide-Field OCT Angiography at 400 KHz Utilizing Spectral Splitting";
Photonics, 1 (2014), 369 - 379.

English abstract:
Optical angiography systems based on optical coherence tomography (OCT) require dense sampling in order to maintain good vascular contrast. We demonstrate a way to gain acquisition speed and spatial sampling by using spectral splitting with a swept source OCT system. This method splits the recorded spectra into two to several subspectra. Using continuous lateral scanning, the lateral sampling is then increased by the same factor. This allows increasing the field of view of OCT angiography, while keeping the same transverse resolution and measurement time. The performance of our method is demonstrated in vivo at different locations of the human retina and verified quantitatively. Spectral splitting can be applied without any changes in the optical setup, thus offering an easy way to increase the field of view of OCT in general and in particular for OCT angiography.

optical coherence tomography (OCT); retinal angiography; optical angiography; speckle variance OCT (SV OCT); swept source OCT (SS OCT); field of view (FOV); Doppler OCT (DOCT)

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