Contributions to Proceedings:

C. Becker, L. Faria, K. Duretec:
"Scalable Decision Support for Digital Preservation";
in: "OCLC Systems & Services", issued by: Emerald; OCLC Systems & Services, 2014, ISSN: 1065-075x, 249 - 284.

English abstract:
- Preservation environments such as repositories need scalable and context-aware
preservation planning and monitoring capabilities to ensure continued accessibility of content over
time. This article identifies a number of gaps in the systems and mechanisms currently available and
presents a new, innovative architecture for scalable decision-making and control in such environments.
- The paper illustrates the state of the art in preservation planning
and monitoring facilities, and presents the contributions of the SCAPE Planning and Watch suite to
provide such capabilities.
- The presented architecture makes preservation planning and monitoring context-aware
through a semantic representation of key organizational factors, and integrates this with a business
intelligence system that collects and reasons upon preservation-relevant information.
Research limitations/implications
- The architecture has been implemented in the SCAPE
Planning and Watch suite. Integration with repositories and external information sources provide
powerful preservation capabilities that can be freely integrated with virtually any repository.
Practical implications
- Theopennatureofthesoftwaresuiteenablesstewardshiporganizationsto
integrate the components with their own preservation environments and to contribute to the ongoing
improvement of the systems.
- The paper reports on innovative research and development to provide
preservation capabilities. The results enable proactive, continuous preservation management through
a context-aware planning and monitoring cycle integrated with operational systems.

Preservation planning, Scalability, Monitoring, Preservation watch, Digital libraries, Repositories

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