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M. Mitteregger:
"Working Toward Truth";
Wolkenkuckucksheim, Heft 33 / Druckformat und Online (2014), Jg. 19; 19 - 29.

German abstract:
Looking at Martin Heidegger´s influential argument that connected
, it is possible to trace the history of a certain idea in
the field of architecture. Using Heidegger as their authority, a branch of
modernists insisted that their occupation was essentially connected with
the truth. This text is looking in detail at the construction of the
argument in architectural theory. We see, that the very selective reading it
required in order to make Heidegger´s thoughts subject to architecture, the
proponents contributed to a larger phenomenon known in our field. Hei-
degger´s reluctance of the public now was the foundation of a design
became a gift of the few, and architects used it to raise
themselves above a public they felt alienated from.

Martin Heidegger Techne Kenneth Frampton Alberto Pérez-Gómez

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