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M.A. Ertl:
"Region-Based Memory Allocation in Forth";
Talk: 30th EuroForth Conference, Palma de Mallorca; 2014-09-26 - 2014-09-28; in: "30th EuroForth Conference", (2014), 45 - 49.

English abstract:
Memory management has a pervasive effect on the way we program. In
region-based memory allocation, objects with roughly the same life
expectancy are allocated in one region, and in the end the whole
region is freed at once. This avoids the need to keep track of the
individual objects for free. Regions are simple to implement and
compatible with real-time requirements and multi-threading, and seem
to be ideal for Forth, except for one thing: The region id has to be
passed to the allocation word, increasing the stack load. We propose
using context wrappers to avoid that problem. This even allows to use
existing allocate-based libraries with regions, but we then have to
decide what free and resize inside these libraries do.

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